Researched, tailored name that conveys the specific values by which you develop your personal brand and relationships in China to prosper.


Once upon a time in the East,

they knew this great leader as,

*insert your legendary new Chinese name here*


Say who you are with a Chinese name.

When it comes to China, experienced operators are learning that they need to take control of their brand. Brand isn't just about your products and services. Brand is also about WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON. This is important because people do business with people they know, love and trust.


How and when will you begin to nurture trust through relationship? Through the power of your legendary Chinese name.


Using a professional translator, (and by professional, I am speaking about someone that has an incredible depth of understanding of both Chinese and Western Culture) you will be able to dutifully research, who you are now, who you aspire to be and how you would like this name to present your legend.



  • Your current name meaning, including each first, middle and last name meaning and the combined meaning of those names.
  • The historical references to those names, including any motto's that go with the name.
  • The practical (heritage) and virtuous (attributes) concepts included within the name.



Chinese names work differently from Western names.

  • Your last name, is your first name - this because the Chinese culture celebrates the family heritage, before the individual.
  • Lets help you to understand this. The Chinese family name is like the sun and the children or individual names are like the planets that revolve around the sun.
  • There is a strong sense of long-term-ism and the inherent heritage of a name. Decisions are made based on the impacts on family legacy.



  • Phonetic similarity, so that the Chinese name is pronounced similar to the Western name.
  • Use of Chinese Characters that also reflect the family heritage and values of your Western name and (or) the meaning that you wish to be known for and by in China.
  • Accessing Chinese culture through the name, so that your name speaks to honouring Chinese culture, through the power of the meaning of your name.



I'm blessed to have a family name YOUNG that sounds exactly like the Chinese name 杨,a large and illustrious Chinese family name.


My first friend in China gave me some good advice. To do business in China, you need a good Chinese name. She helped me choose the name I've been known for since 2010, 杨瑾鸿 (Yang Jin Hong).


The name is aspirational. 瑾 (Jin) has royal connotations, and denotes diligence, astuteness, acumen and wisdom. I remember this aspect of my name when I am helping clients mitigate risk.


鸿 (hong) connotates great wealth, not only being wealthy but causing others to prosper as well. The Chinese culture doesn't have the hangups of the West when it comes to desiring prosperity, and I embrace this aspect of my name when focusing on value to my clients, which will return as value to me.



Red Circle Network is now making CHINESE NAME PERSONALISATION available as a service to any person who would like help to correctly position their personal brand in China.


Chinese name selection is a premium service, because this includes background research. Names are developed by our top translator Jill Kong, whose professional translation work has been seen by Premier Li Keqiang, and led to direct contact with a Western Organisation.


You can't get better than that!


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