Western Australia - leading the way

Duncan Calder, Contour Capital

It is great to see Western Australians again leading the way in promoting friendship and win-win collaboration between Chinese people and Australian people. I am delighted to be enjoying my VIP invitation to the WA Shenzhen Association Gala Dinner. President Simon Wu must know me well as I have the pleasure of sitting on the head table alongside Inspector Dan Smith and Senior Constable Lim. Probably a wise move given what a troublemaker I can be!!

It is great to see Minister Bill Johnston and President of the Legislative Council Kate Doust as well as current leader of the Opposition Kate Harvey and one of the candidates to succeed her - Dean Nalder. Bilateral unity on the importance of a cordial, professional and warm relationship with China is something of which all Western Australians can be truly proud.

Thanks Phil Turtle for taking the photo. And to all my friends out there - yes it is time for me to go back on that diet.

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