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How to improve Google translation from 70% to 90% accuracy ... in just seconds

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Using Google Translate to support your business development in WeChat.


Use one of the links below to download or open the Google translate app.


Google Translate:





The Google translate app works by translating in pairs. e.g. English (EN) to Chinese (CN) and has a button with two arrows that you can press, to reverse the flow from EN to CN or CN to EN.


By making two translation passes from EN to CN and then from CN back to EN, you can markedly improve the accuracy of your translation, reading as if you are Chinese.


10 steps.

  1. First you will need to Choose your language pair EN to CN.

  2. Type what you want to say in EN - Note that the language pair will display with EN on left and CN on the right in both the Desktop and the Mobile version with two way arrows in the middle. The two arrows are a button that you can press.

  3. Press translate = EN to CN

  4. Copy the CN translation

  5. X the EN translation

  6. Paste the CN translation into the translate window

  7. Use the arrows to Switch the language pair to Chinese-to-English.

  8. Press translate = CN to EN

  9. Check the English version for inaccuracies, and correct if necessary.

  10. Rinse and repeat, until your meaning is clear.




This workflow is for the beginning of your journey with China, while you're still in your home market.

For those already living in China, with a Chinese SIM card, Google translate won't work. Stay tuned for my next piece on alternatives to Google translate that you can use if you're permanently based in China.

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