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AUCKLAND arrival campaign.


How to find the best AUCKLAND arrival experience and enjoy a memorable entry to New Zealand presented by Simon Young 杨瑾鸿 and introducing Sharon Stewart and Love My New Zealand - see how love and empathy can transform customer experience. #auckland #tourism #newzealand #china #chinamarketing #wechat #weibo #douyin https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/DScYsoPkX5LJmcTwm6BAPw

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  • A quick note to let you know that we have some exciting content coming up, including podcast audio and video interviews with some of the thought leaders in China commerce. Several interviews have already been recorded and are in post-production right now, and we have some other exciting interviews lined up with the world's leading China commerce influencers in each category. We will let you know who they are soon. It has been really exciting to be trained up by my business partner, Glyn MacLean, who is a former General Manager for New Zealand's leading commercial radio brands NewstalkZB, Classic Hits, Radio Sport and ZM. As producer of the shows and content, Glyn is raising the standards of podcast and has invested heavily in production equipment to achieve a world-class standard. In the past Glyn has created successful national campaigns that have included former Prime Minister Helen Clark, and the late Sir Edmund Hillary. Glyn's regional radio station overachieved its profit and audience share and his work in radio had a lasting national impact, winning national awards. The high standard of show production and preparation has really opened doors to some of the most interesting people in China commerce. If you're reading this, and interested to be on the show, please reach out to Glyn through the Red Circle Network online community. Simon Young | 杨瑾鸿
  • 本期How China Works一起听听来自新西兰的“微信通”-Simon杨谨鸿[奸笑] 爱上中国后如何孜孜不倦地帮助南半球的中小企业家用Wechat搭建一座中外商业交流的桥梁[强] #074 - SIMON YOUNG | Red Circle Networks SIMON YOUNG is the co-founder of Red Circle Network, a full-service advisory designed to help businesses get China ready. Simon lived in Shanghai for years but spoke to us from New Zealand to give us his perspective and share tips and tactics to succeed across borders. Visit https://www.redcirclenetwork.com to learn more, and enjoy the show! SEARCH our show everywhere or LISTEN to “How China Works” here: APPLE: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/how-china-works/id1440747395 ALL PLATFORMS: http://howchinaworks.libsyn.com
  • There are over 1 billion users of WeChat, with 50 million outside China. NZ and AU has 1.4 million Chinese people living downunder. In the USA the numbers of Chinese residents is in the many millions. Short videos are very effective at engaging consumers to buy a customer or lifestyle experience. What's a KOL? Chinese version of a Social Influencer called a K EY O PINION L EADER. What is a KOL promotion? In the West we have INFLUENCERS, especially on Instagram, who promote the lifestyle of the brand, usually in a personal, experience based promotional video. This helps the consumer to see the CONTEXT for how a brand may improve their lifestyle and that's why it is also called Lifestyle Marketing. These KOL promotions usually appear as immersive experiences that include the brand being seen in use, within the context of it's optimum use. E.g. Swim googles in a swimming video of the KOL having fun. Does KOL marketing have a future? Facebook, Instagram and WeChat are clamping down on Influencer marketing. They are doing this by removing the engagement statistics such as LIKES, which now makes it impossible for an influencer to show evidence of REACH or IMPACT. However, there are technologies that connect to the database of these apps and pull those engagement metrics through. This means that if the influencer has invested in management dashboards that show audience engagement, they can probably continue to service advertising clients. If they can't validate the reach, then they will go out of business. The impact therefore is that amateur influencers. What does Simon Young 杨瑾鸿 KOL do? Here is an example: WeChat Video Promotion by Simon Young 杨瑾鸿 KOL has three stages: 1. PRODUCTION - creative brief and creation of video. 2. PROMOTION - sharing the video to 'reach' the KOL channels. 3. CONNECTION - call to action that attracts KOL followers to YOUR channels. How to find and add Simon Young 杨瑾鸿 KOL Channel. Look in WeChat CONTACTS under OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS. In Official Accounts Search under Y and click on the red hat . This is what the KOL account looks like on mobile. This is what a KOL article looks like on mobile. Every article on WeChat also gets an article landing page . Click here to see this. The WECHAT VIDEO PROMO has more value, if you have already completed WeChat for Business . This is a workshopo that includes setting up YOUR CHANNELS - WECHAT COMMUNITIES that you will pour your new contacts in to share aspects of your customer experience and productisation with - this is like Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups and is called WECHAT GROUPS. Setting up a WeChat Community for Business consists of two main types of Group - a B2C (Your Business to Your Customer) WeChat Community and a B2B (Your Business to Your Channel Referral Partners). TARGETED REACH As former General Manager for Commercial Radio, my experience supporting global and national brands to leverage the reach of a channel to get new customers helps me to understand that the principles of media apply to all types of channels. Reach is a vital principle, because this is about reaching more people than you currently have access to. Targeted reach is about promoting to the correct demographic of customer for your business. RCN is able to send out specific messages that connect you to the right kind of B2C and B2B partners for your business aspirations. This also includes connecting you to the support people who can help you, which is why we are called Red Circle Network. FREQUENCY Frequency simply means, repetition. Sending a message out once isn't usually enough. If we don't get the results you want, we will share your message as many times as it takes to make sure that you are OK and have the results that you need. However, we work very hard to make sure that we put out the right message. We also fuss over mapping out the entire customer journey, creating a critical path that implements the best practice business process from the point of engagement to the bank and for lifetime customer value. COPYRIGHT Once a video is created, you own it and you can use it however you like. We keep one copy on our YouTube. However, it's in your best interests that we share this to help your brand and product profile. In fact, the more people sharing your content, the better. This is the whole point of going viral, that others feel they have become your brand partner. Click to Book this. Also useful to have Mike CRM as a landing page to filter contacts through self-service of an online form, pulling in identity details from the WeChat App user. Get China Business Ready. Start your journey here: www.redcirclenetwork.com
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