Oct 17

Fraud Alert - Deb Rangiawha



Thanks to Apple Watch 5 and Wix.com for giving Red Circle Network 红圈网 amazing technology with immediate feedback to keep our networks secure.


Thanks Geo Location tracking, we are able to see where people are coming from and validate their authenticity or inauthenticity.


This helps us keep the Red Circle Network safe for all our members.






Warning that the following Linkedin and WeChat user profile has been compromised and is being run by a Nigerian scammer.


Simon Young and I were able to block the fraudulent member within 30 seconds of the discovery.


If Deb Rangiawha adds you - we suggest to ask for visual confirmation in video conference with the person and their ID. We understand that there is a real Deb Raniahwha, who is probably totally unaware that her identity has been stolen and is being used this way.


That linkedin profile is compromised. The reason that we chose to be totally transparent, is because we are teaching our members how to use their IT automation to stay safe.


Scams and fraud are a very regular activity in all networks. Burying our heads in the ground and ignoring this is not the solution.


Whenever we set up our clients for remote team collaboration, we conduct a quick security audit on the client systems to make sure identities and logins can not be compromised. We have quite a bit of experience with this and can make sure you stay safe.


Sing out if you need help!

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