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Why the smile needs to reach your eyes


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I am passionate about the brain and heart feeling the same thing at the same time in service to your client . Not many people can achieve this but if you can, then the result is the privilege of looking after a client to the highest level and the end result is a successful and highly regarded customer relationship reputation.


It didn't happen for me overnight. In fact it took forty years to perfect my craft. Please do not let this time frame put you off though as I consider myself a slow learner and I am sure you are much faster.


So I hear you ask, what do you mean the brain and heart and the smile needs to reach reach your eyes? What is this poppycock you speak of?


Well, have you herd the saying, "the eyes are the gateway to the soul?"



Have you ever waited patiently in a line to be served, only to finally have the opportunity to tell the server what it is you want and it could be anything from a pizza, withdrawing money from a bank, ordering a vehicle service or making an appointment with your doctor.

Have you experienced the moment where you look into the server's face and they might even impart a small smile but it is cold and there is no warmth. Or maybe an automated response from a human who is simply told what to say each time they are asked a question. Maybe you have experienced the uncomfortable feeling of having one message related by the face, but the eyes say something different. They don't really want to be there. They are dis-engaged. They are not rally interested in you.


This in my experience has become our norm today where exceptional service has to be sought out, not a gift just because you might be a customer.


In my humble experience, I myself have been subjected to this feeling numerous times but since operating my tourism company as well as being a business tourism advisory here in Red Circle Network, I have learned the skill of not only not allowing a frustrating thought to reach my eyes but in fact taking the customer experience to the next level by being completely in tune with my guest and making sure that I don't even feel the dismay, the frustration, the emotion that can cause a flicker in the eye.


I learned that the true experience for the visitor comes from my own experience of being in the moment that belongs to them not us, but we are privileged to share in. Listening is a key skill to being on the same page. After all, it is the guest's experience not ours. Being in the service of someone else is an honour and not many people today understand that concept. It is like being a plumber but saying you hate taps that leak. Being in a service industry means being in the service of others and we have to love it and feel it. Going the extra mile can be such a valuable addition to your arsenal of perfection when it comes to wooing your guest for years to come. However, warmth is key! Warmth is a connection, an invitation to come inside and be my guest, To warm yourself by my fire. To be with a friend who wants to help.


I love meeting the guest who is initially a little cool. They don't trust me, they have only just met me. I love the end of the day when we have become friends. They have seen my service, my honour to them, my warmth and care. Never do I allow my eyes to give any other message than I am in your moment, I see you, I hear you, I am here to deliver what you have asked for.


The business that needs to deliver a customer experience should be focused on how that experience feels for the recipient who has requested it.


My gift to you as a deliverer of experience, a curator, a conduit.......take the higher challenge. Deliver the eyes of warmth but take it a step further and deliver the delight the guest would never expect. The kindness, the gesture, the legacy you leave them with.


Sharon writes about the luxury of an experience as a connoisseur of luxury experiences for discerning guests to her home country New Zealand.







从我的卑鄙经历中,我自己经历了无数次这种感觉,但是自从经营我的旅游公司以及在Red Circle Network担任商务旅行顾问以来,我学会了不仅让沮丧的想法传承的技巧。我的眼睛,但实际上是通过与客人保持完全一致来确保将客户体验提升到一个新的水平,并确保我什至不会感到会引起视线闪烁的沮丧,沮丧和情感。






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